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Lion of Judah Ministries and Training Center

612 North Main Street, Blackstone, Virginia, USA, 23824
Lion of Judah Ministries has two locations in Virginia: Blackstone (main headquarters and school) and Harrisonburg.

We are a Independent Pentecostal Ministry that has reconnected with our Hebrew roots. We are saved by the Blood of our Messiah Yahshua but also live out our lives following the Torah as He did as He walked the earth. The Word is an important part of our relationship with Yahshua who is our Adonai and Saviour. We are NOT saved by works but we also know that our walk or works are a reflection of our inner relationship. Faith without works is dead and we want to walk in the footsteps of Yahshua as we follow His Word.

We worship on the Sabbath and celebrate the appointed times of Adonai. We eat kosher but know that our relationship is by grace not by works. Grace has always been the path to our King from the very beginning as Genesia through Revelation tells us. YHVH has spoken the end from the beginning. We choose to use the Hebrew names of YHVH (God) and Yahshua (Jesus). You will also hear us use other Hebrew terms and words as the meaning is so powerful and can not be ignored.

We invite all who want to come and worship with us as we open up the scriptures and allow His truth to come forth as the Truth will set us free.

Services our held in our building @ 1054 South High Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 22801 For more information feel free to call us @ 540-383-3909. Our Assistant Pastor, Jeanne Carter will be more than happy to answer any questions you might need answered.

Come will not leave wanting!!!

See you all on Friday Shabbat Service!


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